Lavinia Postolache Bikini Hotness

Here are some awesome Lavinia Postolache bikini pictures from her own beach photoshoot. I know almost nothing about this chick but according to my research she’s a former Miss World Romania and judging by these pictures she definitely deserves that title… And according to her resume, shes looking to get into acting and she’s authorized to work in the US, which is great news, because I’ve got an awesome project Lavinia would be perfect for. Some recorded evidence of our love would bring much benefit to both of us…

Sofia Vergara Photoshoot

This old hipster photographer Terry Richardson seems to be all the rage these days with the celebrity crowd, I don’t blame them, he does good work. So here is an extremely tasteful photoshoot of Sofia Vergara cleavage. You can tell it’s way classier and she seems far too clothed than usual shoots, because it’s in black and white and done by Terry Richardson, but I like to think he’s just keeping the Sofia Vergara nude pics for himself. And then one day when he dies, someone can drop them all for us to see…

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures

If I remember correctly, this Lauren Stoner hot chick is Kim Kardashian’s former protegee and the only thing I can conclude from these pictures is that she’s learned her lesson well from her mentor: if you want to get famous, just keeping heading to the beach in a bikini. And here she is enjoying the beach while vacationing in Miami and looking fucking damn hot. This girls body is just freaking hot and tight. Now, all we need are some Lauren Stoner nude photos to keep her in the celebrity branch. I’m sure she already knows that… I’m waiting.

Tulisa bikini pics!

That's UK pop star Tulisa Contostavlos celebrating her 24th birthday in Ibiza on Saturday. Which sounds way more fun than last month when The Sun ran a sting on her and caught her trying to supply cocaine to one of their reporters (she was arrested a day later). But she shouldn't feel too bad. That type of thing could literally happen to any pop star. For example, that could have also happened to Jessica Simpson (if she had a side job running cocaine). And Britney Spears (if she had a side job running cocaine). And Selena Gomez (if she had a side job running cocaine). The list is endless.

Jennifer Massaux In Her Undies