5 Must-Know Facebook Timeline Tips/Tricks

Have you embraced the changes? The new Facebook Timeline lets you change the way your entire life is showcased over the Internet – in the form of colorful scrapbook, with highlights to enhance excitement and emotional feelings. There are those of you who have embraced the changes and loved it and then there are also those who haven’t really gotten into the full experience yet.

In this article, we’ll share with you some tips and tricks to help you configure your Facebook Timeline and exercise your full control over your personal information. Maybe then, some of you will be convinced that the Timeline isn’t all that bad after all.

1. Feature Photos/Links/Status

There are 2 sides of your timeline on Facebook, your life stories, and updates; this makes your featured photos cramped in half. To feature your favorite photos or any stories and updates page-wide, hover over the top of the story section and click on the ‘star’ button that says ‘Highlight’

Once the ‘Star’ button is clicked, you will see that your photo is now featured page-wide like this one.

To remove highlight, simply click on the ‘Star’ button again.

 2. Backdate

We have plenty of stories of our past. With Facebook Timeline, you can update not only your ongoing life events, but also stories and updates from any past date on your timeline.

To do this, mouse hover on any part of the long line that represents your timeline and you will see a ‘Plus’ button appear. Click on that button.

You will be given options to update status, photos, places as well as other life events. Pick any one from the list and fill up the details.

When updating the status, it will stay on the date where you place them on your timeline, but your friends will still be able to see the updates on Facebook Wall, unless you share them only to yourself;

3. Hide from Timeline

In case there are stories you want to hide from your Timeline, you can click on the ‘Edit or Remove’ button on the top right corner of your status box, and select ‘Hide from Timeline’.

Once hidden, you will get a notification, with an ‘Undo’ button, should you decide to unhide.

 4. View As Public or Specific Friend

Facebook has made it possible for you to show different stories to different people, and to check ‘who’ can see ‘what’ on your timeline. Click on the dropdown menu at the top right just below your cover image, and then click ‘View As’.

By default, you will now see your timeline viewable by the public. Now enter your facebook friend’s name in the box, to preview what they can see in your timeline.

 5. View Hidden Posts

If you do a lot of scrolling down to your timeline’s end, you will notice that not all of your stories will be showcased, not that it is hidden either. When you see a blue dot along the horizontal timeline, click on it to see option, and then click on the notes to showcase all stories that are kept in the blue dot.

Bonus – Activity Log

Now that you know you can add stories to your timeline, from any date and time, you may start to wonder how to check when a story was added to your timeline. Simple enough, you can click on the ‘Activity Log’ button that’s available at the top right corner of your timeline, again, just below your cover photo.

Now you will be presented with a timeline of your every activity on facebook e.g. what did you do or change or add on what date.


With these extra tips, you will be able to fully customize your Facebook Timeline following your preference, set who can see what, review your activity log, add and remove contents as well as set a featured stories or life events.

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