Rihanna in Sexy Shorts

Holy sh*t, I can’t believe I’m doing a post on Rihanna either, but.. it’s just Terry Richardson‘s fault for making me post one of this hottie as well. I’m not a bit fan of Rihanna’s hotness, but the photos you’re about to see right now are actually so freaking sexy that I’ve even decided they’re the best to jump start your engines today.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I die, I want to reincarnate as Terry Richardson and.. these pics or the ones with Kate Upton (and many many more) are the best examples as to why I say that. These are some of the sexiest photos I’ve seen with Rihanna in ages and it’s all because of this guy.

She’s literally dropping our jaws with all sorts of naughty poses for Terry Richardson, especially in those photos with her sexy little tush. That’s what I like the most from Rihanna, even more than the “well thought” lyrics of her songs lol.

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