The Most Expensive Poker Table

I like to play poker with my mates once in a while and this is probably the most awesome poker table I’ve ever seen. Designed by Axel Yberg from Akke Functional Art, the “All In” is apparently the world’s most expensive poker table, priced at a staggering $75,000 and made from 15 species of rare exotic wood.

Its base has been constructed with gold painted plumbing pipes and features special light bulbs. The vectors that bisect each angle on the perimeter of the table are made from Madagascar Ebon and Rose Wood and their colors, black and red, represent the suits in the deck of cards.

This idea is then carried into the turntable drink holders that were designed as a quadrant of Cherry and Black Walnut wood. The 5 diamond cutouts at the table’s center are actually a nod to the WPT Doyle Bronson Five Diamond World Poker Classic. This exclusive poker table required more than 600 hours of work to be made, which probably says a lot about how bespoke it is.

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