The NVIDIA Project Shield Gaming Console

Guess what !? This is the first gaming console produced by the guys at NVIDIA, a portable device dubbed as the NVIDIA Project Shield. Despite the weird name of the piece, we have to take the console seriously since the company that produces it proved that they know what they are doing in the past.

This mobile console includes a controller and a HD multi-touch display with a quad-core processor and a jaw-dropping 72-core graphics card that will make every game run with crystal clarity. The device can access and run the Steam game titles wirelessly and can also stream information to a computer in real time. So you will be able to have a mobile Skyrim or Assasins Creed source with you at all times!

The operating system will be Android Jelly Bean from Google and thus all the titles from the Google play store will also be available to the console. The other details weren’t disclosed so far, namely the price and date of release, but it will probably come out in the current year, so you can start saving up for it since it will definitely be worth the cash!

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