Hot Girls with Cameras

35 Hot Girls with Cameras will turn you into a Photographer

Oh well, you probably won’t be Terry Richardson after gawking at these photos, but if you love cute girls and you also appreciate good cameras and photography you’re definitely going to like this special gallery.

Believe it or not, we’ve wasted more than three hours trying to find a couple of hotties posing with cameras, probably because when you search for “hot girls with cameras” Google thinks you’re looking for webcam  girls. Google, you perv, thank you, now I have to clear up my history as well.

Anyways, there’s something really attractive about seeing a girl and an awesome camera in the same picture. I’d let any of these chicks take as many photos as they want with me even though I’m pretty sure some of these cuties don’t even know how to take a decent photo with that camera. But props to them for holding it properly and making the whole picture even sexier. Enjoy!

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