Chrissy Teigen in Hot Bikini

This is the first time we feature Chrissy Teigen in here, but seeing these photos makes me believe that it was our loss. The 27-year-old model posed for Beach Bunny 2013 bikini collection on a farm, replacing the beach that has become a cliché lately. And, wow, she looks just amazing as she is. Not only she’s got incredible curves and every piece of bikini fits perfect on her, but her tanned skin makes it all even more appealing.

With her boobs in the spotlight, Chrissy Teigen gives us a little view over her squeezable ass, too, as she turns her back to us very provocative. Start looking at the photos below and you will not be able take your eyes off her. She’s flawless! I think I just found myself a new favorite hottie. More of Chrissy Teigen, please!

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