Jenna Jameson Was Arrested

Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson was arrested Saturday night after some chick said she assualted her. "What? You think that was bad?" Jenna Jameson's vagina responded. CNN reports:

Authorities released bare-bones information about the incident Sunday night, saying little more than the person who was assaulted made a citizen's arrest and called officers. Jameson, 38, knows the person, but Newport Beach Police Lt. Evan Sailor said he didn't know what their relationship was. Police took Jameson to the Newport Beach Police Jail. She was later released without having to post bail. The battery charge is a misdemeanor. No one from the Jameson camp was available for comment.

Jenna Jameson went on Twitter and said the chick broke into her house and took everything then accused her of battery, but that post has been taken down. So who knows at this point who is telling the truth. It could be Jenna. It could be the other chick. It could be neither of them. LET US CONSULT THE CARDS!!!

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