Nina Agdal For Esquire Mexico

Nina Agdal for Esquire Mexico is probably looking her best, far better than anything she’s done for SI, mainly because she doesn’t look very DOWNS SYNDROME-Y, a condition that some of you may find erotic, those extra chromosomes are exciting, especially when no one takes them seriously when they tell on you for touching their naughty places cuz ultimately, they are still retards and no one takes a retard seriously….I actually know a guy who has knocked up 3 adult retards and never went to jail cuz they couldn’t disprove that they wanted it and their chronic masturbating worked against them, no judge will believe a chronic masturbator refused real dick, it’s just unconstitutional….

Regardless of all that noise, here are her big bikini model tits and tight body posing, whether she’s got Down’s or not. I’m into it.

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