The Lamina Nixie Clock

Actually, we can’t say exactly that this is a timepiece, this is more like.. a work of art, manufactured by hand by a guy who’s a pretty well known artist, Zoltan Acs. The Lamina Nixie Clock, that’s how it’s called, is made from maple and walnut woods, and features a series of brass disks and gears which give it three different looks: steampunk, industrial and art deco.

This wonderful clock is powered by antique Russian Nixie vacuum tubes which let out a superb blue-ish LED glow showing the time in one of the most awesome ways I’ve ever seen. The retro feeling of the design of this clock combined with the disks, gear and LED lights, looks like a mix made in heaven.

This gorgeous piece even has an alarm function and it comes with a pretty high price of $1,500. We’re sure it’s worth every single penny because this is just pure awesomeness.

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