Artists soak their subjects to capture water droplets in exquisite detail

Whilst it might be difficult to find respite from the scorching summer sun, there is nothing quite like the feeling of being drenched with a bucket of ice cold water.

Some might see it as a shock to the system, whilst others are grateful for some relief from the sizzling temperatures.

From boys to birds, women to wallaby's, everyone reacts differently. Yet it's the one thing on Earth, nobody can do without. 

Photographers April Maciborka and David Wile have been exploring the reactions of people and animals after being splashed by the wet stuff.

Water water everywhere: This peacock is getting a much better rinse than the usual bird bath whilst this little boy looks to be mesmerized by each drop that falls

Loving it, hating it: This gentleman smirks as he is splashed from head to toe whilst this woman can't bare to watch and she is almost washed away!

Sit there and take it like a man: This gentleman grimaces as the shower show starts, whilst this guy seems to be surrounded by an aura of droplets

Pitter patter raindrops: This young man is splattered as the water runs from his dreadlocks whilst this guy creates a spray of his own as water bursts onto the scene

Childlike fun: To this little boy, it's just like running through the sprinkler on the lawn, whilst this wallaby appears to be jumping for joy at the downpour

Why bother with laundry? This man is flooded as the water cascades down his back whilst this woman is probably relieved she didn't wear white as water spurts forth!

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