Colorful Indian Street Art

Modern graffiti art is rare in India, but traditional hand painted street art is ubiquitous. From tea stall signs to election messages on walls, from mud flaps on rickshaws to whimsical messages behind trucks, from brashly painted deities to giant larger than life paintings of Bollywood heroes, everything in India is hand painted. 

Though very few India’s street artists are formally trained they have collectively evolved styles that are very unique and typical to Indian visual culture.

Today, I present a very talented photographer and designer Meena Kadri who has been following the Indian street art scene.

An undergrad in anthropology and Masters in design, New Zealand–born Meena Kadri has taught at institutes in China, New Zealand and at the National Institute of Design in India. Her photography and artwork have been exhibited in Glasgow, Delhi, Rome, Barcelona and New Zealand. She currently works as a Community Manager on OpenIDEO.

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