Puzzle-View Facebook Photo Album

Have you ever wondered if you can populate your Facebook photo album with a combination of photos that is so well-organized that it forms one big picture like a finished puzzle? The normal Facebook photo album will use thumbnails based on photos you uploaded and then organize your album randomly so it will turn up like, well, a mess.

It would definitely look cool to have a set of well-organized photos looking like the main photo that sets the theme for your whole album, wouldn’t it? And that is what this tutorial is all about. All you need is a lovely picture from your photo album and Photoshop.

1. Download Preset Canvas
When you have Photoshop installed on your computer, you can now proceed to download the preset PSD canvas to start with this tutorial.

Unzip the downloaded file, open the Cool_Facebook_Album.psd file and this is what you should see.

2. Add Photo To Canvas
To add your own photo to the canvas, open your favorite photo. Ensure that the photo is not smaller than the combined 16 boxes on the canvas for a better result.

Copy and paste the photo to the canvas; make sure your photo layer is positioned on top of all layers.

3. Clipping Mask
Right click on the layer of your photo and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’.

This is what you should see on your canvas, and this is also how it will look like on the Facebook Album page.

4. Saving Your Photo Into 16 Small Slices
The 16 preset boxes you see on your canvas has already been sliced, so what you need to do is click on File > Save for Web & Devices… .

A new window will appear, now use your Shift button and click on all 16 files until all of them are selected then click ‘Save’.

A small window will prompt you, so you can change the name and location you want to save the file in. On the ‘Slices’ dropdown menu, change the selection to ‘Selected Slices’ then click on Save.

Now you have completed the creation and saving process. Check that in the saved file folder, you have 16 photos.

5. Adding Photos To Facebook Album
To add the 16 photos onto facebook, you will need to create a new Album. Log in to Facebook, go to your profile page and click on the ‘Create Photo Album’ link below your profile header.

When a finder window pops up, locate your files and open/import them to Facebook by highlighting all files and click on ‘Open’.

Now wait for Facebook to complete the import process, and once completed, click on ‘Post Photos’.

And finally you will be redirected to the album you have just created, voila!

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