Shakira's Baby Boy

Shakira has been pregnant for a while, so fans have been eagerly waiting the birth of her first child.
However, her footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique has confused fans over whether or not they have actually become parents with a series of tweets.

It appeared the Barcelona FC player was announcing the birth of their son on his Twitter page in the early hours of Friday morning.
However, many suspect his announcement is simply a joke for Dia de los Innocentes (Day of the Holy Innocents) - Spain's equivalent of April Fool's Day.

Writing in Spanish in the early hours of Friday, he said: 'Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your messages!'
However, later on Thursday, the 25-year-old wrote: 'It has a name! His name is Innocent! Happy Holy Innocents Day to all!'

Shakira, 35, herself did not confirm the news, fuelling speculation that her baby is still in utero.
Only days before Christmas, Shakira was pictured looking heavily pregnant shopping for gifts in Barcelona.

She is thought to have been due to give birth early next month.
This is the first child for the Addicted To You singer, who emerged on the Colombian and Latin America music scene in the 1990s before making it big among the English-speaking crowd in the U.S. and Europe in the early Noughties.
Shakira announced the pregnancy in mid-September on her blog.

Footballer Piqué recently confirmed in a radio interview that his girlfriend was not planning on slowing down work wise and is even about to release a new album.
'The album will be released after the baby is born because she’d need to go on tour and she can’t do that now,' FC Barcelona’s centre-back said.
'And it’s very likely that there will be a song in Catalan, it could even be ‘Boig per tu’ (‘Crazy for you’).

The couple confirmed previously they were expecting a son, even sharing an ultrasound image of the child.
But Piqué said they had not picked a name for their firstborn.
Gerard said: 'Concerning the name, we just haven’t been able to decide. There are ridiculous names, like Ulisito, that came out of the press's need to report nonsense.
'There was also Biel, which we like, but I don’t think it will be that one either, or Gerard. We’ll see.'
Meanwhile, the Colombian superstar was recently named as the newest judge on the U.S. edition of The Voice, replacing Christina Aguilera.

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