Jessica Jane Clement In Sexy Lingerie

Moving on with the drop dead sexy Jessica Jane Clement looking like everyone’s girlfriend in this new batch of drool inducing lingerie photos with her. Now I don’t know exactly what’s up with these photos, I guess they’re either outtakes from one of her wonderful photoshoots for Nuts or… just random photos she’s taking while she’s waiting for me to get back home.

That’s definitely the best way to make me leave the office FAST. Now you guys probably already know how much I dig this peach, right? And you definitely know how much I dig her curvy body .. so when I see a new batch of photos with JJC looking uber sexy while she shows off her perfect curves… I’m literally turning into a drooling zombie.

She’s so ridiculously hot and sultry and.. these photos are just another example as to why I like her so much. So, without further ado, enjoy the photos and try not to drool all over your keyboard. That’s not good.


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