Madalina Diana Ghenea

Madalina Diana Ghenea will blow. Your. Mind!

We'll start this day with a Romanian supermodel we haven't seen in a long, loooong time – a girl who’s apparently dating right now one of my favorite actors, Gerard Butler, after being linked in the past with Leo diCaprio as well. Here’s the very sweet, bodacious, and adorably hot Madalina Diana Ghenea, doing one hell of a job of making up for lost time with this mind blowing photoshoot from Grimaldimare.

Oh man, I don’t even know what to start gushing over! Every single inch of this girl’s body deserves our full and undivided attention and I honestly think words can’t do justice to this girl’s uber hotness. We’d have to invent new words to properly describe this girl’s sexiness, like hotlicious, or who knows what else.

Now regarding this awesome photoshoot, apparently it’s not brand spanking new as the photos we usually post here, but it was discovered only recently, and I’m sure none of us had the privilege of drooling over it yet so.. that’s why I’m going to say they’re new, at least for us. Sit back, relax and thank me later.

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