30 Smartphone Chargers

As handheld mobile devices become a more common household sight, we are beginning to find the act of charging them a bit of a hassle. You have to bring your chargers along with you wherever you go, and even at home, multi-plugs are becoming an eye sore at the end of every busy day. What if there are cooler, more eco-friendly ways to keep your smartphone battery alive?

We take a look at the unconventional ways you can now charge your smartphone with. Some of these chargers let you use the hours you put into your gym work, and various renewable energy resources to do the charging.

While some do away with wired charging, others take it a step further to package the charging abilities into the laptop bag, the purse, running shoes and even a soccer ball. Here are 30 out of the ordinary ways you can now charge your smartphones.

BrightBox. Perfect solution for restaurant or pub owners to help charge their customers’ phones. Users need a card to open the chamber so it’s 100% secure. [$2 - $3 Per Transaction]

Energi+ Backpack. Sleek backpack with a charging system inside for all your device-charging needs. [$169 - $189]

Everpurse. For those who have the habit of keeping their phones in their purse, this is the best charger you will ever need. [$189.00 - $600.00]

Phorce. A smart bag that can charge up to 3 USB devices simultaneously. [$119.00]

PowerTrekk. A mobile charger that provides a 2-in-1 solution: a portable battery pack and fuel cell. It’s perfect for travelling or even in emergency situations as it only requires water to work. [$299.00]

Ray Solar Charger. Perfect use for travels as it can capture the maximum amount of sunlight while stuck on a window to charge up your smartphone. [$39.99]

TYLT VU Wireless Charger. Another Qi compatible wireless charger for smartphones with a 45-degree angle platform so you can read your screen easily while charging. [Coming Soon]

BikeCharge. Install this dynamo system to your bike and let your cycling charge up your phone! [$99.99]

 CampStove. Away from the electricity grid when out for camping? Charge your smartphone with this thermoelectric device as it turns heat to electricity. [$129.95]

Electree. This ‘bonsai’ is not just for house decoration, but also to recharge your smartphone using light. [$455.93]

Energizer Dual Inductive Charger. Wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices (there’s a charging case you can get for your smartphone to enable this) with large charging zones. [$89.00]

Epiphany onE Puck. Whether you’re having hot or cold drinks, you can enjoy them while charging your smartphone with this sleek portable gadget. Visit its Kickstarter page here. [$115.00]

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy. Perfect wireless charging pillow to place your Nokia Lumia. [$79.99]

Hand Turbine Smartphone Charger. Charge your smartphone with a cool hand turbine, and it comes with a AM/FM weather alert radio too. Perfect for outdoor use. [$55.46]

HYmini. An all-in-one power generator which stores energy from a wall plug, renewable DC input, wind power and sunlight. [$49.99]

Mini Kin Wind Powered Charger. Go renewable sources, go! Lets have Wind do their part too. [$4.53]

POP. A portable energy solution that charges multiple devices at the same time. [$99.00 - $179.00]

PowerPot. Start a fire, fill PowerPot up and as the water begins to boil, it converts heat into electricity to charge your phone. [$149.00]

PowerKiss. Sick of wired chargers around your home? Try this wire-free charging devices. [The Ring: $29.00 | The Heart: $307.00]

Soccket. Play soccer and store energy during game play. After the game, use the ball to connect and charge up your USB devices. [$99.00]

Solar Sunflower. Put it near your window while working and enjoying free energy courtesy of the Sun. [$79.00]

Solarmonkey Adventurer. Here’s an award-winning solar charger, fit for adventurers. [$111.05]

WakaWaka Power. A pocket sized solar charger for your smartphone, which comes with 40 hours of reading light. [$79.00]

Window Solar Charger. The sleekest window solar charger we’ve ever seen, so far. [$65.08]

Concept Chargers

Thermoelectric Converter. Developed by Fujilim, which can convert body heat from our hands to electricity using lightweight film sticks.

Orange Power Wellies. Like to walk around or shop the whole day long? With Orange Power Wellies, you can convert heat from your feet into an electrical current and use it for charging.

Cube Magic. A conceptual charger by Zheng Weixi. Play the cube and it converts the movements to energy juice for smartphones.

InStep NanoPower. Walk or run to produce energy source for your smartphone. Time to put all that running in the gym to good use for your phone.

Gotwind Dance Charger. Dance or exercise, and get your smartphone charged via muscle power.

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