North Korea Missle Ranges and Targets

Graphic: recent developments in the North Korea crisis

As North Korea is warned by the head of the UN on Tuesday to stop using nuclear threats as a “game” and North Korea announced it was restarting its decommissioned nuclear reactor, we take a look at recent developments in the crisis between North and South Korea.

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The US has used a variety of warplanes to show visible support for South Korea over the last few weeks.
Yesterday the US redeployed its most advanced fighter aircraft, the F-22, to a base south of Seoul.
A week ago it flew a B-2 strategic bomber on a 13,000 mile round trip from Missouri to take part in a war game.

The North Korean regime has reacted by cutting off its hotline with the South, announcing that it will restart a decommissioned nuclear reactor and threatening to close the Kaesong Industrial Park, one of the last remaining links between the two bitter rivals.

However, some reports have suggested that the crisis is not as tense as the rhetoric from the North suggests. Two unnamed North Korean sources told the DailyNK website today that North Korean forces were relaxing after weeks of high alert.

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